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GEEKSOAP proudly uses PayPal to process all transactions safely and easily. If there’s ever anything wrong with your order or you aren’t 100% satisfied with a GEEKSOAP product, please let me know immediately and I’ll make it right! Your geeky satisfaction is guaranteed. -Lesley Karpiuk



“I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome soap! They all look perfect, and my room smells refreshingly clean while I store them as gifts. I got a hearthstone for myself, and I almost don’t want to use it. It’s nice to have a site with a very niche set of unique soap designs that’s on such a personalized level; you just don’t find that as often anymore.”
-Joel G.

You may be wondering, “What makes GEEKSOAP special?”

I’ll make it simple. GEEKSOAP is a one-woman business done right out of my home; making handcrafted soap one-at-a-time for YOU. GEEKSOAP started out of the love of crafting fun soap for family and friends that turned into more because people were interested in purchasing what I was making. I’ve been crafting my whole life, but I didn’t start selling my creations online until 2006. GEEKSOAP is something I do not because I’m trying to amass huge amounts of money from the adventure, but because I truly love doing it.

This is not a factory, nor a huge assembly line. I put my love into every single bar of soap that’s made. No one but me. I don’t have employees and I don’t make lots of soap en masse for retail or wholesale. Why not? Because quite frankly, I’m not equipped to do so, and it’s important to me that *I* personally give each and every bar of soap my personal attention and care. If I mass produced my soap, GEEKSOAP would lose that special touch and attention to detail, and that’s the last thing I want!

Every single detail of GEEKSOAP is 100% handmade. From the custom molds I created myself to the hand-carved soap designs, I do it all by hand. Just me. Every label is designed by me on my computer and hand cut for each bar of soap individually. So not only is the soap itself handmade, but all of the labeling, packaging, and wrapping details are, too. I create all of my own graphics for use with GEEKSOAP as well. I even personally hand crochet each and every rope for my D20 Soaps on a Rope from 100% cotton! When I say everything is handmade here, I really mean it!

GEEKSOAP designs are original. Truly. Not the concept of creating soap geared towards geeks of course, because that concept has been around for many years, but I’m talking about the soap designs themselves. Before GEEKSOAP, there was no such thing as game cartridge shaped soap – yup, that’s right – I was the first to create those back in 2010! I am very proud of the fact that GEEKSOAP was the first to immortalize so many geeky themes in soap, and to produce creations you couldn’t find anywhere else before me. I am infinitely inspired by a variety of fandoms and am always looking for original ways to create my favorite geeky themes in soap in ways that haven’t been done before so as to not get lost in the wave of handmade sameness. I don’t want to look like someone else or re-do designs that have already been done, even when I see people copying me. My exclusive soaps are truly works of art in soap form.

GEEKSOAP bars are made from 100% all natural ingredients. That’s right. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), no harsh chemicals, preservatives, detergents, or additives to increase lather or anything like that. You can also rest easy knowing that my soaps are vegan friendly and never tested on animals. GEEKSOAP is good for your skin AND the environment.

WHEW! Yes, it’s a lot of work. But it’s a labor of love I embrace happily because I enjoy it. I strive to be the best that I can be for my customers, and your orders and kind words mean more to me than I can put into words. YOU have brought me success. Thank you!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

xoxo, Lesley