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GEEKSOAP proudly uses PayPal to process all transactions safely and easily. If there’s ever anything wrong with your order or you aren’t 100% satisfied with a GEEKSOAP product, please let me know immediately and I’ll make it right! Your geeky satisfaction is guaranteed. -Lesley Karpiuk



So you want to know more about GEEKSOAP geeky soap? Here are the answers to commonly asked questions. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!

Q. Are your soaps vegan friendly? What about all natural?
A. YES! GEEKSOAP bars are vegan friendly AND all natural. The soap ingredients are completely plant/vegetable glycerin based and all natural with no animal products, parabens, SLS, or detergents. GEEKSOAP never tests on animals.

Q. Your soap is handmade? Do you make the molds, too?
A. Yes and yes! Each and every soap is lovingly handmade by me, in most cases featuring a design I’ve hand-carved. Most bars are made one-at-a-time using custom molds that I made myself, so you know your geeky soap is 100% original and unique; you won’t find soap like it anywhere else! Ordering a D20 Soap on a Rope? I crochet the ropes for those, too!

Q. How do I pay for GEEKSOAP?
A. This shop proudly uses PayPal to process all transactions safely and easily. PLEASE be sure that your shipping address on PayPal is up-to-date when you order so that your geek soap goes to the right place! If you need to specify a different shipping address, let me know in the notes while checking out or send me an email.

2016 USPS shipping ratesQ. Talk to me about shipping.
A. The shipping figures were painstakingly calculated to ensure you are paying just the actual shipping cost + the best cost packaging materials based on your order’s weight and/or the number of bars you order. *UPDATE JANUARY 2016: my shipping costs have gone up because USPS increased their prices, and I have no choice but to follow suit if I want to stay afloat. You may have noticed I don’t offer much in the way of international shipping by default – that’s because it is so ridiculously expensive, ($15.50 to ship a 4oz bar of soap that costs $4.00?! Are you kidding me?!) and I’d rather work with you one-on-one to calculate an exact shipping cost based on your uniquely individual order to help get you the best shipping cost possible. Contact me if you’d like to order outside of the U.S., UK, or Canada. Need rush shipping? Drop me a line. Note that the rush would be on shipping time only, since your order is crafted by hand for you when you order, and that still takes time.

Orders are typically shipped out on Mondays. U.S. orders are shipped USPS Priority 2-3 business day guaranteed and include FREE tracking. International orders are shipped US First Class.

Q. Can I order GEEKSOAP as a gift & have it shipped it to my friend/family/loved one?
A. Of course! GEEKSOAP makes a great gift for the geeks you love! I would be happy to set up your order as a gift for no additional charge if you’d like to ship directly to the recipient. If you’d like, I can add a personalized note to the order for you, and no receipt or payment information will be enclosed. Just specify in the notes to seller that your order is a gift when checking out, and let me know what you’d like written on the card. (Including whether or not you want your name included.) I’ll write your personalized note myself to create a truly personal geeky gifting experience for you and your recipient. :)

Q. What does GEEKSOAP smell like?
A. I use a wide variety of scents; check the product description for the scent I’ve chosen for that bar. When the scent name is not clear enough, I make sure to describe its aromatic notes more thoroughly, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a note to ask! Prefer unscented or a different scent? Add a note in the “notes to seller” when checking out to let me know.

Q. What if I want a custom color or scent? Or a really large order?
A. Drop me a line and we can work out the details! In most cases I will be able to accommodate your needs, including custom color or scent change requests. The ability to work with you on larger scale orders for events will be based on my current workload and availability; remember that I’m just one person! I’ve previously done bridal shower gift sets, wedding favors, and even baby shower favors in geeky soap designs. If you want something other than the default scent for your soap, let me know and I can give you a list of other options to choose from. Unscented is always an option, too.

Q. Do you do wholesale or retail orders? I want 500 of…
A. Sorry, at this time I am not able to fulfill wholesale or retail orders. Most of my soaps are made one-at-a-time (so making 500 would take a long time!) and I am the only employee; GEEKSOAP is a very busy small business and I teach full time, too, so I am committed to fulfilling my online shop orders first and foremost, which means I don’t have the capacity to produce large scale wholesale or retail orders at this time. I appreciate your interest and am honored that you want to carry my products, though!

Q. How long does it take to get handmade GEEKSOAP?
A. I typically ask for 5-7 business days from receipt of purchase for your handmade soap to be shipped; in most cases I can ship sooner, but I do process orders in the order they were received and sometimes it can get busy! (Oct 1 – Dec 10 is my busiest season and orders run at least 10-12 business days out!) Do remember that everything is made one-at-a-time by hand, and I create your geeky soap fresh when you order. Bars are sealed so that you can keep them on display until you’re ready to use them. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is received, a note when your order has been completed, and a confirmation email from Paypal when your order has shipped along with a USPS tracking number. (U.S. only.) Miss the email from Paypal? It goes to the email you have on file with Paypal, and often gets caught in spam filters. You can login to Paypal at any time to check the status and retrieve your tracking information. I always make sure that you’re “in the know” when it comes to your order!

Q. Something’s wrong with my order!
A. If there’s ever anything wrong with your order or you aren’t 100% satisfied with a GEEKSOAP product, please let me know immediately and I’ll make it right! Your geeky satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. What are the ingredients of your geeky soap?
A. Good question! I’ve covered all of the vegan friendly, 100% all natural goodness over on the Ingredients page.

Q. Are your products licensed?
A. My soap creations are not licensed products. They are parody replicas that are not endorsed by their respective manufacturers. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. These fan inspired versions are NOT to be confused with licensed merchandise. My interpretation of these designs are lovingly created and carved by hand and are not intended to mislead or confuse the customer OR infringe on the manufacturer’s/designer’s name and valuable trademark. When you order, you are paying for my time and effort in creating your handmade bar(s) of soap artwork, not the copyright or trademark.

Q. Do you Twitter or have a Facebook Fan Page?
A. Yes and yes! Follow along with my tweets @geeksoap and check out GEEKSOAP & The Pink Toque on Facebook at

Questions? Email me! Lesley (at) Geeksoap (dot) net.