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We’re Officially on Baby Watch: How This Affects the Shop

by | Feb 4, 2014 | news

It’s February, and with the geeklette due by the end of the month, we’re officially on Baby Watch!

Normally January-March are slower months for GEEKSOAP, but you’ve all blown me away by keeping me steadily busy every single day with plenty of orders to keep me on my toes. Literally! To be honest, with as badly as I’m nesting right now, I can’t thank you enough for keeping me busy. THANK YOU! The last few weeks waiting for baby to arrive are brutal. I think the last few weeks feel longer than the rest of the pregnancy! I’m so ready to meet our daughter already.

With that being said, I want to be sure to give fair warning about what the geeklette’s arrival means for the shop. Seeing as how babies are anything but predictable, we have to be prepared that she may arrive at any time, without reasonable notice. I’m working to turn around orders quickly to keep from having a big backlog that may get delayed by my sudden trip to the maternity ward.

Please remember that I am the only employee of GEEKSOAP, so I’ll be closing the shop for two weeks when the geeklette is born. I’ll of course do all I can to keep you informed via social media and right here on the blog, and if any orders get caught up or delayed, I will be sure to give you options to ensure your happiness with your order. But beware: your order may get delayed this month, and I apologize in advance if that happens. Stay tuned for the shop and order status as this month continues to drag on and on forever. Okay, forever may be exaggerating a little, but as soon as I know the start and end date of the two week window for the shop’s closure, I’ll let you know! (And it should go without saying that if there are unexpected complications, it’s possible that the window will need to be extended. But for now, two weeks should be sufficient.)

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we look to welcoming our daughter to the world this month. I truly appreciate all of your love, support, and orders keeping me busy!