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New Inspiration and Products on the Horizon!

by | May 6, 2014 | news

The geeklette (Lila) as Princess LeiaOh hey! Long time no blog. I’m still on maternity leave from my teaching job with the geeklette, who is now a little over two months old. My, how time flies! I’ve been working to keep up with all of your soap orders (thank you!) and it’s been great to have something to pour my creativity into when I have a little down time. (AKA when the geeklette is sleeping. Shhhh!)

With convention season upon us, I have a few new products I plan to continue developing and hopefully release in the next month or so. One is specifically for con-goers, and then I have a few new bars to add to my Superhero soap collection. Adding more Super Friend soap is inspired by my son, the geekling, who is currently WAY into Batman and the DC Super Friends. He turns three next month (!) and so I’m hoping the newest members of the Superhero collection will be available in time for me to make favors for his Batman & Friends themed party. One of these bars in particular has been a frequent customer request, so I’m looking forward to tackling it and hopefully making it available to everyone!

Thank you again for all of your orders and patience the last couple months while I’ve been juggling my time at home with little Lila. I go back to my teaching job for a few days at the end of this month to close out the school year, and then I have the month of June off to enjoy with my two kiddos. July will be busy again, because I go back to work a month before the rest of the teachers so that I can provide professional development. I create and deliver training to my colleagues who come in to learn about integrating technology into their classrooms during their summer break. It’s so much fun!

As soon as I have some working previews of my upcoming soap designs and products, I’ll be sure to share. Thanks again for your support, and stay tuned!