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Celebrating GEEKSOAP’s 5 Year Anniversary!

by | Feb 23, 2015 | news, sales

GEEKSOAP original - D20 Soap on a Rope!Happy 5th anniversary, GEEKSOAP!

Five whole years of geektastic soap – wow! A little over five years ago I was selling Batman and Cthulhu soap alongside my crochet creations in an Etsy store. Then I designed and released my most popular design to date: the D20 Soap on a Rope… a true GEEKSOAP original! It went viral shortly after, and my Etsy shop was SLAMMED. I was unable to keep up, and it was such an exciting rush! Out of nowhere, GEEKSOAP had evolved into its own beast and deserved its own separate online presence and storefront so that I could focus on bringing to life all of the other future nerdy soap designs I had swirling in my head. It was my calling. Five years ago on February 23, 2010, GEEKSOAP officially broke off and I turned my attention to geeky soapmaking.

I’ve learned A LOT over the past five years. There has been a lot of success, but also a lot of failure, too. Learning requires a healthy dose of both in order to grow, and every failure was a chance to get better. And I wasn’t just trying to get better at making soap, I was also learning how to be a better businesswoman for my customers. Good customer service and communication is the most important ingredient, because let’s be honest: there’s no way GEEKSOAP could have been, or would continue to be, successful without all of my customers. THANK YOU. From the very first person that purchased my first attempts at soapmaking back in 2009 on Etsy and everyone that has been along for the ride since as I experienced growing pains and the ups and downs of running a successful small business, I thank each and every one of you. GEEKSOAP would not be here without you. And every email I receive from my customers further cements WHY I do what I do. I’ve been able to bond with and geek out over all of my favorite things with thousands of people all over the world thanks to soap. I wouldn’t make it if I wasn’t passionate about it. And every purchase is someone else who shares that same passion, which is a truly awesome thing.

I also owe GEEKSOAP’s success to all of the other nerdy crafters I’ve met and bonded with over the years, and everyone who has ever offered suggestions, given constructive feedback (and criticism!) and provided suggestions and opinions on a wide variety of GEEKSOAP aspects. From wrapping and packaging to scents, designs, and shipping material… there’s nothing more valuable than honest feedback from others who can help me see things from a different point of view or consider something that previously had never crossed my mind. Thank you!

As a thank you gesture to celebrate GEEKSOAP’s 5th anniversary, I’m offering 25% off this week with the code HAPPY5YEARS. You can use it on anything and everything in the store – the code will take 25% off your entire order at checkout! Hooray!

GEEKSOAP's 5 Year Anniversary!

GEEKSOAP original - D20 Soap on a Rope!BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! I figured since the D20 Soap on a Rope was the product that helped catapult GEEKSOAP into its own small business, it was time to give it a little extra love. Its product photos haven’t been updated, nor have my color selections, in five years. HELLO makeover time! The D20 Soap on a Rope is now available in bold shades instead of all the pastels-only option of old. I’ve been promising you that color update for three years, so I’m happy to have finally gotten around to fulfilling that promise.  Many have requested black as an option along with those darker hues, and I listened to that feedback, too, because black had originally been an option that I had phased out. But now it’s back, too! I appreciate the feedback and hope you enjoy.

Looking at where GEEKSOAP started and where it’s gone over the past five years has been an amazing adventure. And here’s to many, many more years ahead.