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It’s Been a Busy Summer!

by | Jul 13, 2014 | news

It SEEMS like it’s been a quiet summer around here. My Twitter feed has been slow and Facebook updates have been scarce. But I assure you, this summer has been anything but quiet for me! With a full plate, these things have fallen by the wayside. Oops! So what has been going on? Mostly personal things this summer, including trying to spend as much available free time with my two kiddos. The geekling turned 3 this summer (THREE?! How is he so old?!) and little geeklette is almost 5 months old, GASP!

For those that don’t know what I do when I’m not making soap, I’m a teacher. I’ve previously taught 4th grade, kindergarten, and middle school computers. For the past four years I’ve been teaching other teachers how to use technology and integrate it into their classrooms as an instructional technology specialist. This upcoming school year my job is changing and I’m headed back into the classroom with kids again. I’m so excited! I’ll be teaching Digital Learning and Digital Video Production at the middle school. It’s going to be a blast! But of course, preparing to go back to the classroom after four years of being housed at a desk in an admin building means I’ve got a lot of set up and planning to do. My curriculum is brand new and wide open, which allows me a lot of creative freedom. Creative freedom is something I thrive on! So I’ve been designing lessons for my two different classes and trying to make my classroom space my own.

In preparation for this big job shift, I’ve spent most of my summer working, attending (and presenting at!) conferences, and lesson planning.  Every week there’s been something, whether working or entertaining out of town guests staying with us. And of course playing with the kids and enjoying summertime together, and making lots and lots of GEEKSOAP. Soap orders have been steady and constant, (thank you!) but I’ve just had my head down so I can focus and get it all done. I’ve been catching bits and pieces of what’s going on for everyone else when I have a chance to peek at Twitter or Facebook, but haven’t been the best at interacting. Sorry!

I appreciate all of the orders and understanding as I try to find that balance of getting everything in my life – personally and professionally – under control with so many new things happening and on the horizon. I have some new soap ideas that I hope to tackle in the coming months once the daily routine gets sorted, and I think you’ll like them a lot!

Hope you’re enjoying the summer! :)