the geeklette - 2 weeks old!Aaannnd… we’re back! Thanks for your patience as we took two weeks off to welcome our newborn daughter to the world and get adjusted to life with baby #2. Big brother geekling is doing well and seems to love his little sister so far. And while we’re not totally adjusted (will we ever be?!) I feel ready to get back to the soap studio.

It wouldn’t be much of a celebration without a sale, so here you go! For the next two weeks, you can save 20% off of your entire order by using the code GEEKLETTE at checkout. It’s just a little way to say thank you for waiting on me for the past two weeks. Also, holy crap… how is the geeklette already TWO WEEKS OLD?! Insert mama comments about time going by too fast here. Because whoa.


Thank you again for all of your love and support – let’s celebrate!