one-of-a-kind handmade geeky soap art

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  • Nintendo N64 game cartridge geek soap by

    64-Bit Game Cartridge Soap

  • Nintendo SNES game cartridge geek soap by

    16-Bit Game Cartridge Soap

  • Nintendo gameboy game cartridge geek soap by

    Handheld Game Cartridge Soap

  • Chewbacca Wookiee geek soap by


  • jawa sandcrawler geeksoap

    Jawa Soapcrawler

  • Star Wars BB-8 soap by

    Spherical Astromech

  • Death Star 3D spherical geek soap by

    DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

  • pink and green inkling octoling Splatoon geeky soap by

    Fresh Ink!

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  • flux capacitor geek soap by

    Flux Capacitor

  • Aperture Science Portal GEEKSOAP geek soap

    Aperture Science

  • Legend of Zelda triforce geek soap by

    Zelda Triforce

  • doctor who geeksoap

    Doctor Who Guest Set