one-of-a-kind handmade geeky soap art

Misc Geek

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  • Less Than Three heart emoticon geek soap by

    Heart Emoticon

  • I choo-choo-choose you valentine's day train geeksoap

    I Choo-Choo-Choose You Valentine Train

  • flux capacitor geek soap by

    Flux Capacitor

  • Soaptastic Mix Vol. 1

  • GEEKSOAP original - D20 Soap on a Rope!

    D20 Soap on a Rope

  • Cthulhu geek soap by


  • Aperture Science Portal GEEKSOAP geek soap

    Aperture Science

  • Pikachu GEEKSOAP bar by


  • Pikachu soap Pokemon geek soap by

    Cleanliness, I Choose You!

  • Game of Thrones soap by

    Game of Foams

  • back to the future outatime geeksoap

    OUTATIME 1.21 Gigawash

  • Neverending Story soap by

    The Neverending Story