We’re expecting the geeklette to arrive literally any time now, isn’t that exciting?! What’s not so exciting is how I’m feeling right now in these last few days of pregnancy. My doctor recommended that I keep my feet up and relax as much as possible, and I’ll be honest… that’s hard for me. I’m not a lay-around-and-do-nothing kind of person, but if you saw the size of my swollen feet and ankles, you’d understand how much I really NEED to be right now. I’m still working my full time teaching job, and when I get home in the evenings I’m beat! Standing and working hard all night in the soap studio like I’ve been doing lately is just not something I can handle at the moment. I’m going to do my best to keep off my feet as much as I can these last few day(s) before the geeklette arrives and get rest while I can.

So what does this mean for GEEKSOAP? Well it just means I’m closing the shop (just temporarily!) a few days earlier than planned, and then we’ll still be closed for two weeks following geeklette’s birth. We’ll need time to adjust and welcome her properly to the family, after all. As soon as she’s born and I have a shop re-opening date for you, I’ll be sure to share it here and on social media to keep you in the know. (Speaking of which, are you following me on Twitter and Facebook?)

Thanks for your understanding as I take a little time off before baby to take care of myself. Know that any outstanding orders WILL go out ASAP so that no one will get caught up or delayed before I head into the hospital. And when the shop re-opens after we have the baby, I’ll have a super great sale for you to help us celebrate, too. Really guys, I couldn’t do it without your awesome support, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being so patient and understanding during this happy time!

geeksoap, mr. geeksoap, the geekling, and the soon-to-be-geeklette!